light & shadow

Like a shadow I stalk you,
Like a sun you burn me,
My parched throat calls out to you,
Though only darkness emerge.

I seek and you run,
I chase and you hide,
I cover the Earth in search,
You drown in the abyss as to not let me in.

Like night I come and go,
Like day you wait and lay low,
My heart aches and breaks,
You listen and linger patiently and stealthly.

I seek and you run,
I chase and you hide,
I cover the Cosmos in searh,
You drown in the stars as to not let me in.

Most treasured possession…


At first I looked around my room and wondered which of my belongings is the one thing I treasure the most. And then it hit me that my treasured possession, the most precious one, is that one thing I can always take with me wherever I go.

I always have it with me and even if my house were to burn down or should I have to sell all my possessions this one thing would and will be with me forever.

It’s my imagination. Head full of ideas, characters running wildly, stories waiting to be told, universes waiting to be discovered.

The imagination never allows me to get bored and constantly cheers me up even in the most bleak of times.

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Monsters under the bed…


“Good night, sleep tight,
Don’t let the bedbugs bite,”

This nursery rhyme always rubbed me the wrong way. I never believed in monsters living under my bed, but when I was a child…Well, that is an entirely different story. I was a child with a vivid imagination who often escaped the reality and come up with various worlds, creatures and stories. The first monsters that I imagined threatened my world where… orcs, goblins and the evil forces of Mordor. Believe it or not but my father would tell me stories from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”.

Obviously I was too little to read the book by myself but my father used to tell me bits and pieces of the plot. He used to tell me that underneath our house there were mines and vast caves where orcs and goblins lived. However we were protected by a white flower with a power to repel evil creatures. The name of the flower? Spathiphyllum, more commonly known as Spath or Peace Lilies. One of those plants was placed in our living room. A guardian of the home.

So, no I was never afraid of monsters living under my bed. After all I had the Peace Lily to protect me. This and my vast imagination which choose to see the world in rainbow rather than in dark colors.

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