Daily Prompt: Shape Up or Ship Out

Write a letter to the personality trait you like least, convincing it to shape up or ship out. Be as threatening, theatrical, or thoroughly charming as is necessary to get the job done.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us UGLY.

Dear petty Jealousy,

I’m happy to observe that we meet less and less nowadays. It seems that the illness you caught will finally put you down for good. Yes, I know it’s not nice to say such things but you are not a nice thing yourself aren’t you?

I don’t remember the first time we met but I sure know I regretted it and wanted to get rid of you as soon as possible. And yet you still persistently came back. Time and time again. Just when I thought I was free from your clutches and annoying screechy voice that makes my stomach churn. That dreadful feeling I have every time you are close to me. It’s not nice. I’m sorry but I don’t like meeting you. There I said that.

You must understand dear Jealousy that I don’t blame you for who you are. It’s not your fault, you just don’t know any better. You were created an ugly, spoilt, vile thing. There’s nothing we can do about it.

However, one thing I can do for certain. I can sever all ties that bind us. I can state it firmly and stick to my conviction. I do not wish to meet with you ever again.

Although I know that you won’t heed my request and still will be lurking around the corner every now and then, I hope you won’t approach me face to face anymore. I think we are past that. It’s high time to part ways and say our final goodbyes.

Well, I wish you the best of luck. And I hope you will lose that sour scowling look, stop envying others and just enjoy the world as it is. I truly believe you can do it. You can achieve anything if you try hard enough. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.