New Moon…


New moon is a astral shape full of promise. It is a first step, a phase that will pass with a blink of an eye. Before you learn to appreciate it, before you get to know it, it is long gone.

Dark plateau of the sky dotted by equally dark orb and shining lights…

What can be more beautiful than this view?

A peek into oblivion, a crease in a perfect inky fabric of the sky.

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When the moon meets the sea…


The shimmer was mesmerizing. All world seemed to be captivated in this delicate moment. The mother of all nocturnal creatures, the goddess of white orb – the Moon, was rising above the calm surface of the sea. The perfectly round cold light illuminated the water in an otherworldly way. We stood there captivated, the moment forever etched in our hearts and minds.

That fleeting moment when the moon meets the sea.  When all creation appears to be basked in the illuminating powers of the silver crescent.

The moon looks over the globe with cold indifference. Unaware of being a source of such awe. A silent spectator to our nightly prowling. The witness to all.

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