The color of love…


Color of love.

First thought – red. But I realize that it’s the pop culture talking.

Second thought – pink. But I realize that it’s the child in me talking.

Third thought – white. But I realize that’s the idealist in me talking.

It hits me like a ton of bricks – the color of love is blinding, it is so vivid so deafening, so stark and raw that one cannot describe it. Love has a multitude of colors, and it has no color at the same time.

Or maybe love has the color of the person we love and it changes accordingly? Maybe love are colors that surround us when we experience the feeling?

Love is a pumping heart that beats faster at the sight of the loved one. So maybe love has indeed a red color? Maybe red is love and love is red?

What do you think? What color is love for you?

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