Antagonist’s obsession…


Obsessions. Don’t we all have them? We obsess about the minorest things, most insignificant…

What is my obsession then? To those around me, it must be getting that impertinent girl to give up her treasure. But the truth is more simple, more boring than that.

Everyday before I go to sleep I secure the curtains over my windows and never look outside. I cut off my room from those that are waiting outside.

And they are waiting… patiently. Standing day by day, month by month, year by year… Resilient, tough, determined. Unlike me they have all eternity to wait for me. They will always be there just outside my window, waiting for me to accept all my sins and bow my head for the punishing axe.

Yes, they will always stand in the inky darkness, and I will always shut the curtains tightly.

After all they have all the time in the world.

The decay of rotting flesh is nothing compared to hatred that fuels their souls.

The undead never forget.The undead never forgive.

** My antagonist obsessions are much more interesting.

From their point of view…


She was a remarkable woman. One that left a man breathless and panting for more of her beauty. She was as beautiful as nocturnal flower, bathed in silver moonlight.

Sh was also as shallow as a stream twisting and turning between valley of mountains. She was fragile and petty, always seeing fault in others never in herself.

She was also a horrible mother. Full of angst and pretentious. Cold and easily annoyed.

She might have been a wonderful sight on the outside but inside she was rotten to the core.

A pretty shell with ugly inside.

Antagonist’s favourite planet…


Red always reminded him of the liquid, scalding hot wax that his father used to seal letters.

Oh, yes and of blood, red reminded him about the rusty colour of blood, a life force that once drained could not be replaced and lead to destruction.

Red was also Mars – the planet blessed with a name befitting a god of war.

Mars was the star which guided him through many pitfalls and dark roads. It gave him strength, shining brilliantly like a ruby on a slender finger of a lover.

Antagonist’s regret…


Officially nothing.

Privately there is one thing, a secret that only he knows about.

It’s so shamefully human, vulnerable and good that he cannot bear the thought that somebody could find out about it.

Sometimes the most hidden secrets are the ones that we ourselves cannot face. They haunt us and wake us up in the middle of the night. Drenched in cold sweat we observe the angry shadows swirling and mixing the vision of our otherwise safe room. For that split second we feel helpless, bare.

We feel lost in the catacombs of our mind, deep voids that every now and then try to break free.

The list of birthdates…


Everybody was born somewhere, someday. Natural truth of life. Pity that some dates are more important than the other, some are very unfortunate and some will just be forgotten like yesterday’s weather.

List of birthdays:

Protagonist: 1st of May, Beltane

Antagonist: 1st of November, Samhain

The love interest: 2nd of February, Imbolc

The protagonist’s confidant: 1st of August, Lughnasadh