Protagonist’s lucky number…


A. does not believe in luck. Lucky numbers are only lucky if you believe in them.

Luck is relative. The forces of destiny cannot be played by luck.

Protagonist’s last will and testament…


I never thought I would have to write down my last will at the tender age of 16 but well here we are…

I do not have many earthly possessions that are truly mine, most belong to my parents so I guess they will do whatever they want with them. probably throw them away. In that case, please give them to those who really need the, don’t leave my stuff to rot on a garbage site.

My favourite pendant, a magical one (for real!), I would like it to go to my best friend H.

H. you were my shoulder to cry on, my confidant, my mentor. There is no one else who deserves happiness than you do. Remember me with this pendant, remember only the merry times.

P. you are also my best friend and although I doubt you would be happy with my jewellery or any other girly stuff I know you will cherish my personal book collection. Those volumes helped me through numerous dire situations and proved to be irreplaceable at times. And yes, The book is also there. You will know which one it is. Guard it and learn from it.

From their point of view…


She was a remarkable woman. One that left a man breathless and panting for more of her beauty. She was as beautiful as nocturnal flower, bathed in silver moonlight.

Sh was also as shallow as a stream twisting and turning between valley of mountains. She was fragile and petty, always seeing fault in others never in herself.

She was also a horrible mother. Full of angst and pretentious. Cold and easily annoyed.

She might have been a wonderful sight on the outside but inside she was rotten to the core.

A pretty shell with ugly inside.

The redial button…


Curiosity killed a cat.

There is a reason behind this saying.

A. knew that it was wrong to push the redial button on her boyfriends phone, but she still did it.

The regret would come after hearing the words said by the non mistakenly female voice:

Hi…It’s me…I just want you to know that I don’t think what we did was a mistake. I feel something for you and I know you do too. I know you also feel guilty but let’s face it you wouldn’t let yourself get so carried away if you truly loved her. If everything is ok in paradise, then why did you sleep with me?

Why indeed, thought A. She was surprised how calm she was. The real storm will hit later. It will be a hurricane.