Top 10 Rules for Writing Fiction…


1. Have fun while writing your novel.

2. Think about your readers.

3. Don’t think about the readers too much and just let your imagination run wild.

4. Don’t cling too much to reality.

5. Think of the impossible but not improbable.

6. Stick to one genre and don’t jump around the themes aimlessly.

7. Prepare a thorough background story for your characters.

8. Create at least one fully developed setting for your characters to live in. Give them home. Give them roots.

9. Create an antagonist that is likeable.

10. Remember that every good story needs a beginning, culmination point and the end that ideally ties all loose ends.

Unless you are thinking about writing part two…


What we sacrifice, what we promise…


Pure fiction.

When I think back about all those people I let down I feel a myriad of odd feelings. I feel guilty that I have not said goodbye. I feel sad that it is too late to say it now. I feel disappointed that cowardice took over and pushed me to flee the offensive atmosphere of these last summer days.

I used to hold you dear and dream that the world is ours and we can do everything, be everyone, reach the stars… We promised each other eternity together, we promised forever.

Now I know that forever does not exist. Not when one is as young as a new born fowl, with shaky legs and bright eyes, just learning to make first steps, testing the ground, falling down and getting up again. First love is like that isn’t it?

It’s a first taste of an amazing feeling that spreads through our hearts with warmth and messes with our heads so efficiently. It’s the first drunken feeling of emotion. It’s seeing the whole world mirrored in the eyes of a loved one. Love is like a drug that intoxicates in that sweet way that wants you to stay addicted. To feed on the feeling. To thrive with only love.

Love pushes you to your limit, elevates you higher and higher. That makes the fall so much more painful and so much more startling. You learn the hard way that you cannot live on love alone. That this fresh new feeling that you thought would last forever is like a water well on a desert. It will go dry someday. And there will be nothing, no monument to remember it, no trace to follow and find it. And the same song goes on and on , from ages we love and suffer. We get hurt.  And yet we eagerly look for this feeling. We seek love.

Lessons in love are never learned. The teacher always changes and has new things to teach us. We think we get smarter with each passing feeling, each meaningful relationship. Do we really? Where is the Wiseman who will tell us what true love really is, how to fix a broken heart, how to love forever unchangeably, unconditionally, unceasingly.

We sacrifice our hearts when we love but we never keep the promises we make.  To love forever the same way we loved in the first minutes when this new feeling was born. In those seconds that decided about our fate together. That electrifying feeling happens only once and the current goes weaker and weaker with every passing year. A promise that could never be kept, a sacrifice that will never be made.

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Daily Prompt: Elevator

Fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.

Non-fiction writers: You’re stuck in an elevator with a person from your past. Write this scene.

Pure fiction.

The coffee stain on my white blouse was getting larger and larger. I looked at it mortified and thought that not only I was running late, as always, but now I faced the prospect of returning to my apartment and changing the shirt. I looked at the plastic cup with a leaky top – the root of all evil, and sighed. I was just about to step outside the elevator when another person came running.

– Hold the elevator – The man managed to gasp as he almost jumped into the metal cubicle.

– Oh, I’m just getting out so if you could just.. – I said trying to go past him, but he was so preoccupied with getting in that he simply pushed the close button on the board and leaned on the wall with a sigh of relief. I of course was outraged.

– Excuse me did you not hear me saying that I wanted to get out? – He looked at me as if seeing me for the first time. I could see that he was just registering what I said and what I implied he did. He was a young man in his mid twenties, smartly dressed with an expensive looking briefcase.

– Oh I’m so sorry, I was in such a rush that I wasn’t thinking. You could just go back up, couldn’t you?

– Well, I suppose but that is not the point. – I answered briskly, irritated that I was wasting precious time.

– I’m sorry ok, I don’t know what more I can do.  – he answered rather snappishly. I was just about to open my mouth and snap back at him but suddenly the elevator churned and shook dangerously. The lights flickered and the machine stopped.

– What the…? – I asked no one in particular.

– We are stuck – he said flatly. He pushed the emergency button and slid down to the floor with a  loud sigh. – Great, this day couldn’t get any better . – He ran a hand through his short, slightly curling, sandy blond hair.

Ok, how can you be so calm? I’m freaking out here! What happens with elevators that get suspended between floors? Do they fall?

– Oh my God, is this thing going to fall? – The moment the words left my mouth I understood how stupid I sounded. The man looked at me with a mixture of disbelief and concern. He apparently thought that he was now locked in a very limited space with a completely crazy woman.

[to be continued someday]

Protagonist’s medicine cabinet…


First of all I would have to pick one protagonist among the whole herd of them running around my mind… Though decision, however I think I will go with the one that I currently develop the most.

In her medicine cabinet we could surely find:

– tooth brush, tooth paste, floss,

– comb and brush,

– aspirin,

– basic medicine stuff,

– adhesive bandages and gauze pads, medical tape,

– thermometer,

– tweezers, scissors,

– antiseptic,

As you can see, it’s a pretty ordinary medicine cabinet. That’s because my character is a pretty ordinary girl. Or is she?

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