A bitch gives a man plenty of space so he doesn’t fear being trapped in a cage. Then . . . he sets out to trap her in his.

True and again a continuation of the previous principles.

The golden rule stays the same – do not make him feel trapped or let him feel that it’s obligatory to stay with you. Let him have a choice. Or at least think he has one.

Often the seemingly simple message you are sending to him gets distorted in the process of complicated male understanding.

Don’t make him confess his “sins” of not calling or not telling you where he was at midnight and why in a bar with those moron friends you don’t like. Don’t pressure him into telling you his secrets and he will gladly share them with you. What is more, he will feel that he needs to make an effort for you to be interested in what he is doing and in turn sharing your secrets with him.

Cement the relationship by building on a common need to share.

In conclusion we can repeat again – men are hunters and they like to chase the prey that resists. The hunt is often exciting for the hunter and the prey alike. The real question is, how to make the excitement last…



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