Whenever a woman requires too many things from a man, he’ll resent it. Let him give what he wants to give freely; then observe who he is.


True to a certain degree.

We have already established that a man is a conqueror, a warrior and of course a hunter. I agree with the author, that men like to do the impossible, take the longest route possible and complicate the most simple things just to prove that they can do it.

A conclusion? Make it difficult for him to contact you, get you to meet him and sacrifice your precious free time for him. Let him fight and go out of his way to create a loophole in your busy schedule.

When he calls don’t pick up the phone in the exact second it rings, don’t write back immediately after receiving a message and don’t jump onto the first proposition of a date for your meeting.

In plain words: let him fight for you, if not for your well being than for his.

Also let’s repeat here the rule: don’t smother him! Let him feel as if he has plenty of space to make turn and navigate on the stormy waters of a relationship.

There are also a no-no words, red alert words or words called OMG you might as well jump over the cliff. Don’t, even unintentionally, pressure him into thinking that this relationship is for forever, it will lead to marriage and a bunch of babies together with a golden retriever and a suburban house with white fence. In fact don’t discuss the future to broadly and to often.

Let him think that there is spontaneity to the course your relationship is taking. Let him think he holds the reigns and sets the pace, but we all know who is the head and who the neck in a male-female oriented relationships.


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