Whether you have terms and conditions indicates whether you have options. Almost immediately, you present yourself as a doormat or a dreamgirl.

Yes! Remember this rule because it’s a genuine one.

A man will respect you as far as your own self respect goes. There is no middle ground. Ask yourself a question, would you respect a person that is perfectly laid out for you to step on and trample? The same goes with a too nice girl aka the doormat.

It has nothing to do with being nice or impolite. You need to respect and appreciate yourself first because no one will do it for you!

We already established that a man likes a challenge, likes to hunt and likes to be superior. What happens when he reaches all three marks? Like every simpleminded little kid he starts to throw tantrums and get bored.

It’s your choice to either meekly accept it and let the child in him prevail or to stand up to your convictions and make him behave like a grown up and appreciate you.

It’s a constant fight between his expectations and your convictions. He wants you to be independent yes but also he wants you to be like his mother. And we all know that it’s one step away from being a total doormat…

And frankly mother type is the one that gets cheated the most. They do nothing wrong, to the contrary, they are perfect but it’s the bitch that gets to steal the guy. That turns him on.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not encouraging anybody to become a bitchy lover and make a guy cheat with you on his wife. A big NO.

However, you can’t allow to fall into the category of mommy-doormat. You might as well kiss your relationship goodbye.

What’s the general rule?

Do not appear to be mothering him! Don’t ask him the questions his mother would ask. Don’t smother him. In other words, don’t let your relationship become boring and your conversations predictable.


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