A man knows which woman will give in to last-minute requests.

It’s male sixth sense. Women have their intuition, men can find the perfect victim.If you yield to early or too eagerly you will regret it and be seen as a doormat. A man will often test the grounds and try to coerce a woman to leave her comfort zone and give in to him. Forsaking your plans in order to meet him sends a clear signal: my time is less important than yours, my plans can always be rearranged for you.

Big NO!

The above behaviour suits the doormat not the bitch. The bitch will calmly and confidently turn down anything that might undermine her position in the relationship. She establishes herself in a fortress of decisiveness and strong will. She knows then to say yes and when to put her foot down.

Be advised: it’s not about being a capricious princess but about standing your ground and keeping to your views.

A man must understand that his time and your time are equally precious.


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