Act like a prize and you’ll turn him into a believer.

Of course you can never, never, absolutely never (yes repeat it as many times as necessary) put yourself down and undersell your qualities. Yes, you are that awesome, yes you are that beautiful,, yes you are that smart and yes he is incredibly lucky to have met you. Period. Really don’t add any afterthoughts. In fact don’t think and just lean back and enjoy the look of utter admiration on his face.

Man becomes elevated by the woman.

Another issue the doormat has and the dreamgirl aka the bitch doesn’t is the need to compare herself with other woman. Girl, understand one thing, you are exceptional and one of a kind. No need for comparisons. We look as good as we feel deep inside our hearts and minds.

A plus is that the man you are with will appreciate your confidence and the fact that you know your worth. It’s as simple as that.


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