If you start out dependent, it turns him off. But if it is something he can’t have, it becomes more of a challenge for him to get it.

True story.

Honestly this must be one of the most basic and thoroughly valid principles in the book. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to make a man fight for your attention and perceive you as the most intricate game challenge.

Man usually want the most what they can’t have. It is as simple and as complicated as that.

Most men will never notice your flaw or shortcomings until you point them out yourself. So why would you want to do it? You may think your nose is big and does not fit your face but he will never see it the way you do. For him it’s either just a nose or an adorable part of your physique.

You may falsely assume that being too bold and beautiful, self assured and generally confident is unwomanly and brass. Don’t worry, humility is not a serious flaw of character and can be easily cured as the author says. She points out that nothing is gained by being too humble or putting yourself down.

Golden rule: know your worth and stick to it, never let anyone talk you out of your convictions.


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