Sometimes a man deliberately won’t call, just to see how you’ll respond.

Sneaky but viable.

I agree with the author that it is ‘human nature for a man to test the waters to see how much

he can get away with’.

Man are often like children. Remember when you were a child and you tested the limits of your parents nerves, patience and love for you, when you screamed, run away or did contrary to what you have been told? Sometimes for fun, sometimes in spite but always to test the thin boundary and your powers.

The same goes with men trying to test the waters with women. They want to know immediately how low you are willing to bend and how far are you willing to go to satisfy his needs.

Be a challenge and don’t reveal all your cards at once. Keep him guessing and interested.

And of course pay him back double…Take your sweet time returning his calls or messages. In no time he will come to you scared that his ‘testing phase’ went too far and long.

And then the ball is in your court. Or both balls actually…


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