A woman is perceived as offering a mental challenge to the degree that a man doesn’t feel he has a 100 percent hold on her.


To some point, a woman has to appear like a mysterious challenge. Previously we talked about the hunter and his prey. Here the hunt is taking place on mental ground. Of course we don’t want to intimidate the hunter with our multiple degrees in rocket science and quantum physics. We just want him to appreciate what he got and praise the gods for sending him a brilliant, beautiful and exceptional girl.

To sum up, we want him to think he hit the jackpot.

The bitch will never agree to bend to his rules or habits. She will have her own views and interests. If he wants to watch straight 12 hours of football, good for him. She will not participate in this, as she has more interesting things to do. Contrary the sweet, good girl aka doormat. She will be seated calmly and patiently, bored out of her mind but too afraid to speak up. She makes the mistake of thinking that if she disagrees with him, he will stop liking her. Maybe even consider her as rebellious and too difficult to bother.

Giving a man 100% hold on you is a big no no.

If you are up to it I propose a little test. In the book, the author suggest that when it comes to feeding the man, the bitch will serve him a three course meal that starts with a scrumptious dish called Le Popcorn and finishes with Coca Cola.

Now, what I suggest is to maintain from the beginning that you simply cannot cook and don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen cooking anything else than water and of course microwave Le Popcorn.

Trust me, the answer he gives you after you casually let it slip that you don’t cook, can tell you more about him and how he perceives your relationship than any seemingly spontaneous bouquet of flowers.

And for those that replied ‘Then we will eat out’, there is a prize comparable to golden grail. A surprise dinner by the bitch. But only if and when he deserves it.


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