The women who have the men climbing the walls for them aren’t always exceptional.

Often, they are the ones who don’t appear to care that much.


Simply put giving away too much or investing too quickly and too abundantly is the worst possible scenario for a woman who is trying to appear interesting. Becoming available and open to his every beck and call is a big no-no. A woman needs to be independant and show her strength in the beginning rather than her willingness to bend backwards for the guy.

Of course there are two schools.

We have strong women and sweet girls. Both types want the same but achieve it with different means.

Strong woman will quickly mark her territory and expertise. She will come off as smart, savvy and successful. She won’t hang on him or let him decide and pay for everything. She will insist on splitting the bill and negotiating the place and time. Even though she can, she will refuse to cook for him. She will meet him only when it is convenient to her. Gradually she will reveal also the softer side, will be willing to flex her schedule for him and maybe even cook for him. However, all that will become possible only when he appreciates her and is hooked and ready to start some more meaningful relationship.

The sweet girl on the other hand will either play the part or truly act it. She is either a cunning fox or a doormat ready for the masters feet.

She will appear rather silly and simple minded. She will require guidance, care and attention. Also don’t expect her to think of anything other than how to please the master. She will be more than willing to cater to his needs and serve him a full four course meal the first time he visits her home. Her timetable is as flexible as the chewing gum and can be stretched and torn in order to suit his needs.

Now the cunning sweet girl, will only act the part. She will appear all of the above but truthfully she will have a plan ready. All her seemingly wrong actions ultimately will have a good explanation and fabulous result.

Which type are you Dear Reader?


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