A decade of social network.

Happy Birthday!

Dear Facebook, you just turned 10.

You have come long way from a Harvard dorm room to modern, spacey office in Palo Alto.

The stats say that 1 out of 6 people worldwide are your users. Wow, you have lots of friends, don’t you?

Many more happy and friendly years to you!

And now back to serious writing.

I started using Facebook in 2008. Facebook had its “wall” but world still had to wait for the ubiquitous “like” button and busy News Feed, which was introduced in 2009.

I remember initially I had love-hate relationship with this new social network. In Poland we had already a site that connected old and new schoolmates called “Our School Class”. It was enough for me. Why should I share sensitive data in two places? However, little by little Facebook started seeping more and more into real social life around me not only the online reality. Jokes were passed online and commented in real life. Secrets were spilled on walls and private conversations. Pictures were uploaded and statuses took a crafty edge. Thanks to News Feed, birthday calendar, invites etc you could be in the center of the social life not really being a part of it on a day to day, real basis. All you needed to do was turn on the computer, log in and start down the highway of Facebook.

I gave up in about 2010. I shut down my account at “Our School Class” and devoted my time and privacy totally to Facebook.

Was I right to do that was tested when two and a half years ago I was given the opportunity to work full time as a Social Media expert.

And that is how I know look at Facebook. It’s my working space. My virtual office.

To sum up, Facebook not only gave us a considerable breach on privacy, made us overshare and upload to much information, made cyber bullies life easier. It also helped spread the awareness of global problems, helped people communicate, share their feelings and thoughts, boosted the blogosphere and created new jobs and professions.

After Facebook many similar social platforms followed.

But I think I will always have a soft spot for the blue channel and thumbs up. It seems like something more than a page now.

It feels like home.


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