How everything does not happen for a reason…


Do you know this saying that everything happens for a reason? Well, it’s a little convenient thing isn’t it? I mean you can explain and justify everything with it, can’t you?

I am not so sure about it though…

What can you tell to a person whose loved one has died? How do you justify his or her death? How about a destroyal of a home? How can you justify this? Or a natural disaster striking a country, city, village, the poor. Ah, yes the poor, how can you justify anything to them? How can you say that there is a reason  for them being poor and for rich having abundant goods and money?

Isn’t saying that there is a reason for everything just a truism a fact that suits us at the time, a convenience. After all the reason, action, consequence, happening, event… all this depends on where we stand at the moment, on our point of view. Nothing can be too good or too bad. It all depends on how we perceive things. On our perspective.


One thought on “How everything does not happen for a reason…

  1. There is always a reason for all what happens to us in life. For god has planned out our lives so precisely in a way that he has written absolutely what he himself thinks is the absolute best for us. You never know what might have happened if that person for instance didn’t lose that someone. Maybe his loss spared him a much more sever traumatic happening in the future that he’ll never recover from. There is good behind every choice god has made and all we need to do is have faith in him and believe that he knows what’s best for all of us ~

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