Fairy Tale therapy…


– I really don’t think I should be here doc. I mean I’m perfectly fine. Sure I can’t build a permanent relationship with a guy my age and I turn to addictions for a bit of peace and happiness. But who doesn’t? Older guys have money and class and drugs are pleasure and fun. Where’s the harm in it?

Oh, don’t start again with this crap “Tell me about your childhood” bla bla… I know where you are going with this! You want me to tell you about that cold hearted bitch. Well, that ain’t gonna happen. No way. My mother cn rot in hell for all I care.

She was the one who threw me out of our home and into the woods. Can you believe it? She send her own daughter, a mere child, to run an errand for her. The lazy hag. She couldn’t be bothered to bring some food to her sick, bedridden mother No she couldn’t. But her small daughter had absolutely nothing better to do.

So the hag send me to wander through dark and dangerous wood, completely alone. And in a red cape! Red cape, dammit, can there be anything more eye catching? She could have as well put a big sign over my head – “Here’s a small, defenseless child, come and eat her”.

Please, she never thought about my safety, she was only concerned with her own well being and comfort.

I had to find my way over the maze of trees and dark bushes. And what I encountered there changed me forever, that I can tell you doc. I saw the worst nightmare come to life… I saw hell.


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