Longest minute of her life…


A. sat motionless, still. Like a cold, marble sculpture that adorned the vast gardens surrounding the mansion.

She let out a sigh and leaned her forehead on a cold window pane. Silver droplets of water were chasing one after another on the smooth glass surface, distorting the image, making it gnarly, ugly. That’s exactly how A. felt this minute, the longest minute of her life.

She risked a glance at her desk where the culprit lay calmly. Approaching the familiar furniture was as dangerous as a lonely midnight stroll in the public park. Reaching for the smooth, long plastic object took every ounce of her strength.

Looking at the test window, ticking off the lazily passing seconds, the longest minute of her life. When a life was decided.

When the colour dye could decide about her future. When the lines could break her.

Window of opportunity and loss.

The sound of an alarm clock ringing sounded like the most terrifying buzz. A.’s hand was actually shaking when she reached for the test.

She breathed the longest sigh of her life. Relieved. Nothing. Negative.

Life goes on.


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