Protagonist’s bedroom from antagonist’s point of view…


The room is girly. It looks girly, it smells girly, it feels girly – least to say, its a guy’s worst nightmare.

Well I don’t know what I was expecting really, I mean a very girly girl lives here so naturally it would look like a place where a pink pony could find its magical stable.

King-size bed is located in central point of the cube shaped room. Pink duvet is embroidered with creamy frills. The wide bedpost is intricately woven into some elaborate shapes that I cannot comprehend for the love of me. Fluffy pillows with sweet kitty kitty images are piled on and around the giant bed.

I take a step further into the pink abyss of her lair and my feet go nearly ankle deep into an impossibly soft, fuchsia coloured rug. I half expect it to creak every time I make a move – it feels like its living its own life in this universe of pink oddity.


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