The brand association…


I truly cannot think of only one brand that can be associated with me. I’ m thinking about all those brands that influenced and still continue to influence my life.

There is really a lot.

I am a child of the 90’s. We were the generation, at least in my country after the rise of Iron Curtain, that got to know the taste of coca cola,  could collect the short comic strips of Donald Duck bubble gum and saw cartoons running aimlessly in the TV. We embraced all pop culture that the West flung at us.

We welcomed the distraction, we welcomed the game.

Now that generation is all grown up and mostly jobless, futureless and broke. We were told sugar coated and pink tinted lies. we swallowed them without a grimace. We wanted to believe in better life, somewhere beyond the western border.

We were all fools.

Now we regret, but the time is fickle and cannot be undone.

What will we be given in the end?


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