Protagonist walking on the beach…


The salty smell hit his nostrils as he inhaled deeply the fresh and brisk air. The waves were crashing into embankment like a rolling thunder.

The stark light of dawn was blinding at times. He praised himself for bringing his sunglasses with him, even though the day was chilly and windy with no chance for a sun.

After pacing back and forth be finally picked a spot and sat down disturbing the smooth surface of the sand. Suddenly he buried his hands in the wet, golden sand and happily allowed them to disappear. When he pulled them out they were caked in moist beach sand.

The miniscule seeds felt like the most expensive massaging device. He thought about the old days when he used to come to the beach all the time. Those were the good times, when he still had naive unfulfilled dreams.

Reality was a boring lecture, that droned in the back of his head. All was so much more simple. Life was as bright as the cold light of september dawn basking the beach.


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