The hidden money…


There is no point in denying it now, yes I did it. I hid the money away from you. I am not proud of doing so but it needed to be done. Why you ask?

Well, let’s see, who was the one that spend all his paycheck on this “definitely must get new iPod and iPhone thingy because mine is so obsolete, a year old and all…”? Well?

And while we are at it, who paid atrocious price for a coffee maker just because “the young lady that was advertising it in the mall seemed to be in a desperate need of help and was so cute and clumsy in her efforts to sell this piece of crap”?

I think you understand that clearly I can’t allow you to be in charge of home budget honey.

Let’s face it, in this house, the pants changed the owner. And I look damn good in any piece of male clothing.


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