Antagonist’s last meal…


The great dining hall was bustling with voices and laughter. The tables were brimming with the most delicious and exotic dishes one could imagine. The hosts were very generous and laid out their finest tableware.

People were enjoying themselves immensely and no one was paying any attention to a small child that was skillfully moving under the tables, and between the high chairs. The boy was up to his usual pranks tying the shoe laces together or suddenly grabbing random ankle.

It wasn’t until his father grabbed him by the collar of a shirt and pulled him from under the furniture that all the mischief had stopped.

Father was not very angry with his child, he never could muster a stern face when he looked at his beloved, first born son.

He playfully put the dark haired boy over his shoulder and carried the merrily laughing child to his wife. The boy threw his arms around his mother’s neck and hugged her. This was one place that he always felt safe and welcome. is mother’s arms.


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