One last journey…


They say you can feel that your end is near. They say that the air smells differently, the food tastes better and the world around you seems like a brighter, more happy place. Maybe so, but I had no such feelings.

The food was as stale as ever, the air full of exhaust fumes and urban sounds and the people around me still as grumpy as always. However, one thing was for certain, I wasn’t going to see my 71th birthday.

It is hard to tell whether I was fortunate to know or was it my curse, I cannot tell. One thing for sure, my days were numbered and I could not prevent the inevitable from happening. The only thing I was able do was set straight an awfully horrible thing I did in my youth. But to do this I had to go back to a place which I left behind a long ago.

In my last remaining days I will have to take a journey that may prove to be far worse than death. And far less forgiving.

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