The last sane person…


We all think we are perfectly sane and normal. We all like to think that. However is it really true? Aren’t we all just clockwork toys going around in circles? We chase after the material forgetting about the spiritual. We choose artificial and not the natural. Are we sure we can consider ourselves completely sane?

What does sane mean and what while we are at it, what does insane mean? Is it only a state of mind? Do our actions always justify the state of our mind?

Can anyone stay sane in this fake, lethal world full of incentives we don’t need and visual medias that we could live without.

How can a human being stay sane in this modern world that seems to be crafted purely for the purpose of making us go insane.

Flash lights are popping, the bell rings, enter the stage and continue living.

Are you absolutely sure you are sane? Because I am not.

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