Antagonist’s worst journeys…


Journey #1

The cold didn’t bother him. He did not feel it anymore anyway. The rattling, old compartment of transcontinental train was no disadvantage to him. Not even the crickety clack sound of the train wheels hitting the rails did not rouse his anger.

What inconvenienced him was a pair of disturbingly bright innocent eyes of a child that were boring holes straight into his soul. The fellow passenger, a little girl, a naïve child that seemed to know all his secrets. All his sins.

Journey #2

Visiting your old home can be quite a sentimental trip. Cherished memories all flock at the threshold of a family dwelling from ones childhood. Except his were not a happy memories. His were memories of abuse, violence, shouting and constant fear, of being eternally cold and insecure.

He dreaded this journey for a long time but it could not be postponed anymore. What he was about to face was the evil and resentment that accumulated throughout the years. And the demons of the past do not welcome the prey that has escaped them with open arms. They prepare for a hunt.

Journey #3

The lava was blistering hot. But of course it would be like that. He knew. He raised his head and looked up. Towering above him was sweltering hot sun and clouds of searing smoke. He hated making mistakes. He hated being surprised. You have to always be one step ahead of them, always foresee what the enemy has in store for you.

One thing’s for sure, he never commits the same mistake twice and never lets himself be surprised again by the same stunt. Time for payback. Time to begin arduous climb up, out of this blasted volcano crater.

Journey #4

The coffin was dark and dunk. Centuries have passed since anyone opened it and yet the hinges were strong and tightly bolted. He pushed just to test their strength. With ample amount of force added the lock broke and the lid of the coffin fell to the stone floor with a deafening sound. The sound echoed around the crypt, moving the old cobwebs and raising the stale air. Not without effort he climbed out of his millennia old prison.

As he clambered to his feet he took in the shabby and murky appearance of the crypt. Finally he was getting out of this dreadful pit. He couldn’t wait to breath the fresh air.

Journey #5

He was old. Very old. Maybe as old as time itself? He remembers many things, events, milestones of human evolution. He saw kingdoms rise and fall, people come and go. All the time silently observing, studying, memorizing.

He made many journeys, he traveled through many roads. Now his most difficult journey has begun. He has to take a journey down into the deepest corners of the pitch black abyss. Into the depths of his soul.


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