Protagonist’s garage sale…


I feel sick just looking outside my window at the busy crowd bustling on the freshly mowed front yard of my house.

I hate garage sales. Why do we have to do them again? Oh yes, to get rid of unnecessary garbage that clutters the house. Well, I find all my belongings important and not at all untidy, thank you very much.

Look at her, that plump woman in a hideous violet overcoat. When you are the size of a little baby whale you should avoid such eye catching colors, mind you. The big plum is pawing my delicate Chinese tea set. How in seven hells did he get thrown into this mess of a garage sale?

Ah, they must have taken me by surprise, you see I’m not as nimble as I used to be. Old age and all that. They told me that there was too much stuff in my room. Taking the precious air out, keeping me from breathing fresh air. As if. Those are my memories you are eagerly offering away.

Look at this “unnecessary stuff” with me will you? Look at my Indian boxes with intricate carvings and oriental scents. Look at the handmade hats that once made me the best dressed gal on this side of the river. Did they also take my Venetian mirror in silver frame? Ah, I see it is packed away by a dashing gentleman. A present for his wife no doubt.

Oh, look there goes my favorite reading lamp. A Tiffany, you can see the distinctive lampshade from here, can’t you? Yes, it was a fine specimen, one of the first. It was given to me by someone precious… So many memories… So many shadows of my past…all leaving one by one in a grand garage sale.

Yes, I definitely hate garage sales.

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