Weekly Writing Challenge: The Best Medicine

Time to work out your own funny bone! This week, write about whatever topic you’d like, but go for laughs.

Poke fun at yourself, write a limerick, find the absurdity in a real-life situation, come up with some groan-worthy puns, sketch a comic, put some fictional characters in a farcical situation — all’s fair in comedy.

This is my attempt at this week writing challenge. I thought I would try something new and play with composing a limerick. It turned out to be a complete nonsense but I had fun writing it, I hope you have fun reading.

I. I once knew a man from Peru,
Who liked to use the loo,
He likes it so much,
that he took a batch,
of toilet paper from Peru.

II. There was once a boy named Bill,
He often ate sausages from the grill,
He ate them with mustard,
But he didn’t like custard,
And so he was often ill.

III. Annie often took a sway,
Thinking come what may,
All  day reading books,
Hiding in the house nooks,
To her parents great dismay.

IV. I knew a girl named Sue,
Whose hair had a strawberry hue,
She fancied a boy
But he was terrbily coy,
So she wished he got a clue.

I once knew a man from Peru

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