Friday the 13th…


Today nothing went as it should.

Instead of getting warm cup of coffee and golden seared pancakes at my favorite restaurant, I was served cold blackish brew. It was hard to believe that it was indeed coffee and not motor oil but the waitress swear on each of her three children that this was genuine stuff. On top of that they run out of pancakes. Just like that. I was informed I could have some cold toast and nasty looking gooey beans on the side. Unfortunately I had to decline and wash my throat with a hearty gulp of dark oil, pardon, black coffee. No milk, they ran out of it .

When I was just about to pay my bill, and not tip the waitress mind you. Not because I’m a scrooge or something, it was her scrunched up face and annoyingly bad attitude while serving the dishes that sealed the deal. The fact, that she blatantly lied about that poor imitation of a coffee just added to everything.

As I said as I was about to throw some money on the table, the most bizarre thing happened. You see… but I don’t think you will believe me. After all you would have to be here to witness it with your own two eyes. Least to say this was the most astonishing visit to a restaurant I made in a long time. And I doubt anything will be able to top it. Seriously, it was so peculiar.

However, I remembered one thing… It was Friday the 13th… A day when all the creepy and unnatural stuff happens. I’m not one to believe in evil portents or superstition, but that day, that day proved to be beyond understanding and logical explanation. Maybe there is something like a curse of Friday the 13th? Who knows…

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