Protagonist’s breakfast…


–          And where do you think you are going missy, hm? Sit down and eat your breakfast.

–          But gran’ I’m already late to school.

–          You should have thought about it before you decided to dilly-daily in bed for so long. I told you to get up earlier. You would have plenty of time to…

–          Ok, ok I get it. No need to rant. Sheesh. What’s for breakfast today?

–          The same thing you always insist on eating. Cereal. Not that change would do you any harm, mind you.

–          Thanks gran. You are the best.

–          I love you A. you know that. I’ve been raising you since the time I could cradle you in my arms and look at you now. You are taller than me now and I swear it must have happened over night.

–          It must be all that morning cereal gran’.

–          Oh hush you. Now get out and go to school before you miss the first period!

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