Protagonist’s wardrobe…


For me the sun is annoying. Strange isn’t it? Most people love the sun. But not me. It annoys me that it wakes me up so early every day. Those pestering rays of sunshine creep along the floor and hit me straight between the eyes. I can’t help but wake up much too early. You see I don’t have curtains or window shutters. Some smart designer thought that the morning sun will do wonders for whoever lucky person inhabits this room. Well, guess again mister mighty architect. It annoys me, and has nothing to do with brisk, fresh start of the day.

After crawling out of bed, locating my slippers and slinking to the mirror I relocate myself in front of my wardrobe. I just look at the door for a few seconds, then I open the hard carved wooden door and nearly sigh in disappointment. Yep, still the same boring stuff. Old clothes, useful shapes and durable materials. One dress, one skirt, lots of pants, shorts and jumpers. Few hand knitted sweaters. Few white shirts and a couple of flower patterned blouses. Do we have a winner for the most boring , conservative and comfortable wardrobe in the whole town? Yes, sounds about right.

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