The most despised one…


Derek was absolutely gorgeous. Brown hair looked like a haircut from a male shampoo commercial, lean and toned body looked like it belonged to a sports star and his eyes, his eyes were like two cold, blue crystals of genius. Stunning looks, extraordinary wit and athletic figure together with cocky attitude made him every girl’s dream boy. Every girl except A. She hated the boy and as far as she knew the feeling was mutual.

If you asked her to pinpoint the exact moment she started having such strong negative feelings about this particular boy, she could not tell.

Maybe it started on the very first day when he strode into the classroom like he owned the place and immediately crowned himself the leader , starting the gathering of a herd of ardent followers.

Or maybe it was that time when they were putting a play together and just to make things more funny and not so strict and uptight he sabotaged the whole event by setting the props on fire. The class laughed and thought it was brilliant. A. was livid, she along with two other girls worked hard at preparing the props and really put her heart into it. The jerk had the nerve to destroy all her hard work and say it was all for a good joke.

Perhaps it was more personal than she wanted to admit. A.’s best friend had a crush on Derek. A hopeless crush that was bound to turn bad, but still the jerk didn’t have to act like so vile and reject her so bluntly and cruelly. In front of the whole class.

She hated Derek’s guts, period. A. doubted anything could change that. Not that any of them would try to. They liked their silent, mutual resentment. It’s good to have a constant in life.

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