Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

When faced with confrontation, do you head for the hills or walk straight in? Was there ever a time you wished you’d had the opposite reaction?

First we need to establish the kind of confrontation we are talking about.

*If we talk about physical confrontation then I’m mostly inclined to retreat for safety seeing as I’m a girl of rather meager height and strength. Someone even described me as petite looking. I would have no chance in an open physical confrontation with a grown man or even another woman. Even writing this I see how powerless I am. It annoys me and makes me insecure.

That’s why I took up daily exercising and enrolled for a self-defense classes. Right now I would have to create a distraction and run away from my attacker but I hope that after the course I will grow some backbone and my confidence will be boosted. The fact that I will now how to hit and which spots to attack is only a plus. Sadly I know that in most cases, you cannot count for help, you need to be strong enough to defend yourself.

*If we talk about confrontation in a sense of some verbal conflict, then I most certainly would engage in a battle of wits and words. Of course not always the opponent is armed and sometimes such exchange is futile and resemblance talking to a wall. I usually tend to resolve the conflict peacefully but I can deliver quite mean and straight to the point comment.

I wish I had more backbone when I was still growing up and going to school. I became more confident during my years at the university. When I was young I used to take lots of verbal blows without retorting back. Nowadays I don’t take attitude from anyone. I know how to defend my views and reply even to the most vicious comments.

One of the perks of being capable with words is that one can use them as sharp swords that penetrate the armoire of ignorance worn by shallow people.

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