Tea making…


He always considered himself a patient man. But now his patience was wearing thin. When would the old bat finally drop dead and leave him be?

–          What is taking you so long? Albert you are an insufferable child. Always have been. Indeed, I should be reward generously for putting up with you. How long do you plan on making a simple tea, hm?

Albert took out the finest brand of tea he could find in the cupboard. He thought about the times she made him tea. No, wait there were no times like that. His tea and all other meals were served to him by nannies, governesses and alike. His mother would never dirty her fingers with such menial tasks as fixing food for her son. No, she had lots of other things to plan and execute. Always.

–          Coming mother. Here’s your tea mother – Choke on it you old hag, he thought but didn’t voice his thoughts aloud. He didn’t dare.

–          Did you deal with the girl Albert? – His mother fixed him with her stern gaze. Disapproval audible in her voice.

–          It is being taken care of as we speak mother. – He answered as calmly as he could.

–          Really I don’t know how a little brat can give you so much trouble. You are truly incapable of running this business aren’t you?

–          Yes mother –  Albert’s fingers were itching for action. Just a slight pressure of my fingers and your neck would be snapped dear parent, he thought but again kept his thoughts to himself.

Albert’s mother took a sip of her tea and looked at him disapprovingly.

–          Well you still make a horrible tea. I hope your leadership skills are a tad better. Now sit down, we have lots to plan.

Albert sat in front of his mother in a violet, regal armchair and looked at her surly. His mother was many things but she was no fool. And not one to be crossed. If he wanted to succeed he needed her help. No matter how much he resented it.

Daily prompt from: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=628070747220250&set=a.599260846767907.1073741825.175634409130555&type=1&relevant_count=1.


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