The worst physical pain…


That kind of pain accompanied the very unfortunate twisting of my left ankle.

I was chatting happily and going down the stairs, too carelessly apparently, when the accident happened. I suddenly felt sharp pain in my left ankle. The excruciating pain was quickly spreading and in an instant I felt that I was losing breath. I was in shock and totally panicked. The deafening sound of my own voice echoed in the stairway of an old tenement. I was swearing like an old sailor and soon I ran out of breath. My throat felt like it was full of dry sand and I gulped breaths in short intakes. My vision blurred and black spots begun to dance in front of my eyes. I was rapidly spiraling toward fainting, which would be rather painful given that the floor of the stairway was basically made of uneven cement.  I clumsily grabbed at the rough walls trying to ease myself into a sitting position. I felt cold floor and then my vision was turned off, much like you turn off the old TV. The picture folded into smaller and smaller round dot. The last thing I remember is the musty, damp smell of a decrepit tenement.

Oh, did I mention that the stairs had only about two steps? Talk about bad luck…

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