The smell of food…


It’s not my favorite food but it was the first thing that came to my mind when I thought about food and the first meal I have every morning – coffee.

Up until this past two months I did not really drink coffee regularly. I didn’t particularly like it and preferred green tea to it. I usually started my day with a cup of tea. It was enough for me. But then my roommate started brewing really yummy and aromatic coffee. I started sipping the dark brew, first gingerly then a little more bravely and finally I started my day with a cup of delicious coffee served with a generous dash of milk.

Now about the smell. How my coffee smells? Well to put it bluntly like a regular coffee, simple as that. But when I close my eyes I see sunny mornings, me on my balcony, enjoying the drink and slowly easing into the rush of a new day. I sit on a windowsill and enjoy the panoramic view of the city, as seen from the 15th floor. I see vast sky with planes slowly crossing the blue, I see high office building in which working day is about to begin. I admire the architecture of my city and sip my coffee slowly, taking in all the aroma and unique taste.

I think that the smell is similar to the taste. In this case, the coffee tastes and smells like a brand new day with lots of happy coincidences and many opportunities.

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