Daily Prompt: Goals

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

When I started this blog I didn’t really think about this site as anything more than my practice notebook. I saw this page as a place where I could polish my writing skills and publish my answers to Writers Write Daily Prompts. I didn’t imagine that this blog would evolve into anything other than an anonymous space in enormous world wide web, a scrapbook of sorts.

However, I was surprised how quickly I abandoned my initial thoughts and intentions and allowed myself to be carried away by blogosphere. I quickly started noticing the statistics and hungrily look for new likes, comments, followers…

Nowadays I am always excited when I log in and check my blog. I look forward to seeing that little window blinking at me with a happy message – something changed in your statistics from yesterday, you got new like/comment/follower. It really makes me happy. I no longer write only for myself, there are actually people who would like to read my writings.

So to answer the question: no I did not set any goals for this blog in the beginning, therefore I could not achieve them. Yes the goals have changed recently. Now I would like to continue writing. Keep my current followers interested and gain new ones. I also look forward to any piece of advice, constructive critique or simple “you’re doing great, keep it up” from you guys :). Feedback is always welcome and much appreciated.

What is more, I have set my first goal for this blog.

I would like to gather a number of 100 followers. Why 100? I have a very close friend who supports my writings and always asks when will I write a book so she can read it. She is cheering for me, and frankly she is the only person who even knows about my passion. I want to show her this blog and tell her that in the meantime, waiting for the big break and me writing finally some solid piece, she can read some of my musings here and get the idea how and if I evolve. That’s my goal for future months. I’m looking forward to fulfilling it.


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Goals

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