ABC poem…


Amanda never:
Accepted the fact that
Boring school lessons
Captured half of her day
Despite being smarter then
Every teacher in her school
Fickle girl sat quiet and
Gingerly participated in the
Horribly boring history lesson
Innocently doodling in her notebook
Keeping watchful eye at the teacher who was
Looming over a book and
Making grunting noises while
Nobody was really paying attention to historic
Occurrences that took
Place hundreds of years ago therefore no
Questions were being asked which
Really annoyed the hell out of
Serious and stern history
Teacher who was already having
Undeniably the worst day in his
Vacation less school life
While the students had the time of their life
Xeroxing the notes from other
Youths and not being overly
Zealous about learning history at all.

Yes I know it turned out to be a complete gibberish but it was challenging and fun to write.

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