Protagonist’s worst deed…


She made the wrong choice.

Her decision had consequences which not only she felt but also everyone around her.

She trusted the wrong person. She gave him the key to her most valued treasure. Her heart.

And he failed her severely. When a heart breaks, the sound echoes in your head, but only in your. No one else can hear it. No one else feels that way. Life goes on as it did earlier. When you want to scream and cry and rip everything to shreds, you want the world to stop turning, only  it just won’t budge. It simply doesn’t care.

Because tragedies happen around the globe all the time.

So even though it might have been the worst thing she did, she knows that there are plenty of other mistakes to come. She will stumble and she will fall, but as long as she has the strength to get up she can learn from her mistakes.

She can grow strong. She can change the world around her, step by step. Turn all her failures, her shortcomings into values, into assets, into something good.

Isn’t that something worth striving for?

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