Protagonist’s worst deed…


She made the wrong choice.

Her decision had consequences which not only she felt but also everyone around her.

She trusted the wrong person. She gave him the key to her most valued treasure. Her heart.

And he failed her severely. When a heart breaks, the sound echoes in your head, but only in your. No one else can hear it. No one else feels that way. Life goes on as it did earlier. When you want to scream and cry and rip everything to shreds, you want the world to stop turning, only  it just won’t budge. It simply doesn’t care.

Because tragedies happen around the globe all the time.

So even though it might have been the worst thing she did, she knows that there are plenty of other mistakes to come. She will stumble and she will fall, but as long as she has the strength to get up she can learn from her mistakes.

She can grow strong. She can change the world around her, step by step. Turn all her failures, her shortcomings into values, into assets, into something good.

Isn’t that something worth striving for?

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The Liebster Award Nomination #2 – A Thank You


I’m sending the biggest thank you to Running After Ale for granting me my second nomination. I’m very grateful and very happy! 🙂

Here are my answers to 11 questions:

1- Where is your next vacation going to be?

Somewhere warm and sunny hopefully… But on the other hand I’m not the type to lie down on the beach for the whole day so I would like to be able to sightsee and get to know new customs and cultures.

2- What are you having for dinner tonight?

Cottage cheese with chive and red bell pepper. Let’s keep it light, shall we? 😉

3- What is your favorite time of year?
It’s spring – I just love how everything is awaking to the world after the long winter slumber. First flowers budding out of the frosty soil, first green leaves…


4- If you could quit your job right now because you just won the lottery what would you tell your boss?
The time I spent here, almost two years, was invaluable. I learned a lot and got to know really amazing people. I will remember this place with joy. I would like to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to try my strength at something entirely out of my scope of studies and expertise. Thanks to you I was able to test my skills to the limits. However, in order to grow and develop we have to move forward in our life. I decided it is time for a change. Once again I thank you for this past months and wish you all the best.


5- Why did you start blogging?
I first thought of a blog as a sort of a scrapbook, notebook, notepad, whatever you want to call it. I thought I would exercise daily my writing skills and nobody would even know or notice it. Well, you probably can imagine how well it all turned out, don’t you? 😉


6- What is your favorite color?
A cliché but it’s blue. I don’t know why. It’s not my eye color or anything associated with me personally. Maybe because the sky is blue and it’s the most amazing thing on Earth that we can gaze upon and not have to pay?


7- How many brothers and sisters do you have?
None. I’m an only child, though people tend to say that I don’t act and look like a spoiled brat so how come it’s just me ;). I guess I grew up with lots of friends and family surrounding me so I did not become too capricious.


8- What is your favorite movie?
And that’s at tie between at least a million of various movies. I like fact paced, action packed movies, movies that have a deeper meaning, I like comedies but not the romantic ones. I adore animations and I enjoy watching TV shows, perhaps even more then the movies itself. If I have to name one that I turn back and can watch again and again it will have to be Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Green Street Hooligans (just because of Charlie Hunnam ;)).


9- Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?
Nope. But given the opportunity I would try it.

10- Do you have a green thumb?
I should, seeing as it runs in the family, but sadly I don’t. I like to admire and smell beautiful flowers but watering them, planting, even differentiating between different kinds… It’s beyond me. Therefore I have no flowers on my windowsill, only urban landscape outside the window.


11- PC or Mac?

Laptop actually. Mac’s are not so popular in my country and a PC is to inconvenient when one has to frequently change apartments.