Childhood nicknames…


As the chief group of my characters still runs around without very clear shape I will focus on the protagonist of my current story.

She used to have various nicknames, from totally neutral ones to malicious.

She was called a tomboy because instead of playing house she was more interested in building one upon a tree.

She was called bookworm because she loved to read, and read nearly every book in school library.

She was called a nerd because she was very dedicated to her studies.

She was called mental case because she used to see things no other person could.

She was called a weirdo because she was always a little different from her peers.

She was called a wicked witch because she kept a very unusual pet – a crow.

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2 thoughts on “Childhood nicknames…

  1. Interesting idea. Never really thought about childhood nicknames. I have used nicknames that but never thought of the origins beyond something salient in the characters mannerisms.

    • Building up a detailed past for a character can be both gratifying and trapping. I very often got lost in creating a perfect character with all the intricacies and full biography and allowed the plot to suffer. On the other hand understanding my characters, making them look like a real beings, people I could meet in my life allows me to get closer to them . I can understand them and write more believably about them. Question for you – do you, ever in the course of developing the story, change the names of your characters? Because I can’t ;), it might be silly but every time I give a name to a character it’s permanent I cannot bring myself to call him or her something new.

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