The smell of summer…


Summer smells of the sun and warm rays that caress my face.

Summer smells of flowers that bow heads in the gardens around my grandparents home.

Summer is the linden that scratches my window panes when moved by the soft gust of wind.

Summer is the smell of freshly baked cake by my grandmother’s the loving hands.

Summer is the smell of grease from my grandfather’s workshop.

Summer is the warm surface of the balcony I lay on dreaming.

Summer is the laughter of my childhood friend’s, the games and first stolen kisses.

Summer smells of friendship, love and my favorite time of the year – vacation at my grandparent’s country cottage.

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2 thoughts on “The smell of summer…

    • Thank you :). It’s how I remembered the summer nights there. It was kind of creepy back then, but it made for a nice description now, so I guess it’s a win-win situation : ).

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