Antagonist’s favourite pet…


It’s a hound. An enormous, ugly, terrifying, ferocious dog. His name is Asgar. The legend has it that his teeth were soaked in the blood of thousands snakes and thus are poisonous. His nose has no match. Once he knows your scent he can find you everywhere, even in the most remote places. You cannot hide from this hound.

Asgar’s claws are sharp and lethal, always ready to strike his masters enemies. His master is not a cuddling type but when Asgar does please him, the dog gets a comfortable scratch behind the ear. When you take a look at the hound, for a moment you think that it is only a giant shadow that approaches you. A shadow with two sinisterly shining points of sickly yellow light. Asgar’s eyes can see far, far away. There is no point in running, he can spot you from miles away.

They say it cannot be killed…And frankly it might be the truth. The fact is no one came close enough to even try.

A fitting pet for such a merciless master, whose mere name resonates terror. An ideal weapon, sweeper, hunter, all wrapped up in one neat package of black fur, four paws and a tail.

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4 thoughts on “Antagonist’s favourite pet…

  1. Woah that sounds quite scary. Personally I’d go for some sort of cat. It’s a harmless enough creature, but I just can’t pass up the possibility of getting to turn around in a swivel chair and fix the protagonist with my evil monocled glare.
    ‘So, Mr. Protagonist, we meet again. Does Mr. Snuggles want a treat? Does he? Goood boyyyyy.’

    • I was considering a cat for this sinister character, but it just came to me that my antagonist would like to kill two birds with one stone and have a pet that is both menacing, elegant and useful. So I decided on a hound from hell, an animal that resonate fear and is very lethal. Although your description of a pet cat for a villain is very interesting and worth further consideration : ).

      • Heh, it’s a joke from those old James Bond movies, with the old guy in the wheelchair who would always pet his cat while talking to Bond. A hellhound is a cool pet, however. I cannot argue with you there.
        Certainly something I wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of.

      • That’s exactly the scene I had in mind when reading about a villain stroking the cat…;). I’m trying to incorporate some supernatural elements into my story. A hound from hell seemed like a good start :).

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