Daily Prompt: The Glass

Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

I often ask myself that question. How do I feel right now? Is it my up or down of the hour,  day, week, moment? Am I all rainbows and sunshine’s or storm and thunder? Am I positively or negatively charged?

I guess it really depends on the stuff that happens throughout the course of a day. Sometimes even though I really try to always see the ups in any situation, to see the glass half-full rather than half-empty, the bad atmosphere gets the best of me.

To see the world through pink tinted glasses, to see the world as a half-full glass – that’s very Polyanna, don’t you think? It was one of my favorite books when  I was growing up. I remember reading Polyanna, Anne of Green Gables, Emily of New Moon with flustered face and anticipation. I loved those protagonists that conquered so many obstacles, defeated the disbelievers and found true love. Isn’t it better this way? Isn’t it easier to find ups rather than downs in our everyday life?

I refurbished this principle into a “devil may care” attitude which I employ quite often. I try to live my life to the fullest, not letting the world pull me down from my cloud nine. And when I get that sad feeling that threatens to overwhelm me, I turn to writing. I pull out piece of paper, I start my laptop, I begin to write. I do not stop until I’m satisfied, until I’m happy. I could live that way. I could write all night and day. My glass will be truly half-full when I have all time in the world to write. When nothing distracts me. I dream that someday I will just sit and write to my heart’s content. Someday.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Glass

  1. I can relate to writing as a form of rescue. I write what I feel and then I believe in living up to those words. My writings remind me of the person I am inside and who needs to stay in the light, regardless of the shadows lurking in daily life.

    • I like your blog, I will stop by often I think :). I agree that writing can be uplifting and even a form of salvation. I always used to divide my attention between two passions: writing and drawing. I am now more focused on writing but still when I need a total escape I grab a pen and just sketch away.

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