The sound of winter…


Honestly the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about winter is the sharp cold of extremely low temperature. It’s the chill of waking up in cold apartment. It’s the grey hue of the day. It’s the soft, white, flurry snowflakes that dance around me when I walk to work. It’s the quick dawn and inky darkness illuminated by sickly yellowish light o street lamps.

However, the writing exercise is about the sounds of winter, so here I go.

Come to think about it, winter is full of noises. The snow that crunches beneath my boots, but is silent under my dogs or cats paws. The snowflakes that nearly silently land on my winter coat. The crystallized icicles that jingle in the wind. Ah, the wind – here comes the loudest sound maker of all. The wind howls and wails in winter. It cries out in frostbite, it sobs angrily and demands our full attention when it pulls on umbrellas and ends of coats. The wind that snatches the snowflakes into crazy, uncontrolled dance full of twist and turns and pirouettes.

But the loudest, most deafening and magnificent is the sound of cold silence. When all the world is asleep and only white, pale light of winter moon shines down on mounds and smooth carpets of pristine white snow.

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