Antagonist’s top 5 TV shows…


To start with I would have to crystallize the main negative character in my story. At the moment the character is still in the making. However, let’s pretend I know who he (yes, it will probably be a male, although it is possible that there will be more than one antagonist in the story) is and let’s follow him back home. Once he gets himself comfortable in his intimidating, dark armchair he takes the remote control and starts flipping the channels looking for his favorite TV show. He does not have 5 top shows, he only has one. There are few reasons for being so selective. First of all he considers TV a waste of time. Second of all he is very self assured, he gets what he wants and he always commits his full attention to the cause/event/person/thing, in this case – the tv show.

The TV show he watches regularly is House of Cards. What he enjoys it? Well what to now like about this show? The power struggles, the manipulation, the intellectual banters, the promiscuity, the lies, the intrigues, the fight… People are really the most remarkable creatures, he thinks while watching the characters on the TV screen. They are capable of the most great, admirable and the most ugly, vile deeds.

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